Monday, August 4, 2008

The Day my Uterus Fell Out (and other fun happenings at the Lake)

If you read the Word of Mouth Monday Review I did yesterday then you had a heads up about today's post. (If you didn't, take a look and get YOUR review ready for next Monday!) Did you think I was JOKING about the uterus thing? Did you think someone could freakin' make that shit up? And, yes, I remembered because of Jott, who would want to forget a thing like your uterus falling out, right in the middle of the lake no less!

Ok, I'll get to the story. So you all know we are vacationing at the cottage in Idaho, right? Oh, catch up, would you? Go here, and here and here and I'll wait (tapping foot and typing as fast as I can before I get yelled at again for not properly relaxing at the lake).

We've been painting bird houses, nature walking, eating s'mores, making fires with flint as part of my mom's survival course for the older kids, we've done the ski skimmer , we've made instructional videos for wake boarding , we've played games ...

It was during the ripping and roaring around the lake trying to snap the kids' necks make the kids laugh on the tube that we hit the biggest wake known to man and since I am the one videoing and snapping pictures I was not prepared for the massive jolt to my inner organs! I'm only slightly exaggerating when I referred to my uterus falling out. All I have to say is that there is a reason for Kegel Exercises!! And I need to do more of them. The only thing saving that boat from some MAJOR clean up was the fact that I have had 2 c-sections, no vaginal births here.

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***In response I have responded with two new posts about the uterus falling out and kegel exercises that are actually helpful and likely what you were looking for if you found my blog while searching for answers (with the Something Funny Happened Today twist). They are here and here for your reading and learning pleasure.

So, happy day to you all!

P.S.Here's a hilarious funny song about the Kegel, if you can get past the woman's voice it's pretty funny.


  1. Ok I clicked here,here and here and heard your tapping foot! I am sorry your uterus was umm falling out but isnt that what vacations are all about ummm "new expierences?" I kid I kid
    LOVE Your Blog...saw and clicked you on allmediocre glad I did!

  2. Idaho? You were that close and you didn't let me come stalk you at the lake???? LOL - Next time, oh time!

    Don't you hate getting older? Kegel...pshaw! Age sucks!

  3. Ok I understand you are having uterus probs BUT I got horror-oid probs I need a post to get my mind of my assa!....

    all kinding aside hope your havin a fun time...

  4. in my best NON-stalker-ish voice...i have a lil goodie for you on my blog-cuz you may have lost your uterus BUT you so kick ass!

  5. LOL... funny story. My friend just had her uterus removed last week because it was literally falling out!
    She's had some funny stories in the past five days.