Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Football Season So Soon??

Buddy Boy started his football skills camp yesterday. I'm a little lot anxious about him playing, but after getting out of it last year, I lost the toss this year.

Today while sweating my ass off watching him do drills in the 100 degree heat KK who was sweating sitting next to me starts singing "Let's Get Physical" and reminising about this video. Her poor middle school aged daughter had to be at least as mortified as the rest of us. I promised her I'd find the 80's porn video and put it up here. What a hussie that Olivia Newton John was!


  1. I can't wait-of course I'm talking about college and pro.

    I'll be the mom sneaking booze in my Starbucks cup on to the practice field of flag football, baseball, maybe even volunteer hour in class.

    Think they'll notice?

  2. hold the cork...I'm not complaining about the tailgating or the drinking. I'm just NOT ready for "football" season when there isn't a sweatshirt or brown leaf in sight!

  3. OMG, it WAS porn!!!!! How very scary that everyone really (at least I hope I'm not the only one) liked her back then!!!

    Who knew she was such a hussie? LOL

    As for the football, and I 2nd HM's comment about sneaking booze in...anytime there are kids involved, I wanna be drinkin! (I'm not, but boy do I wanna be!)

  4. OMG That video is horrible I could not even stand to finish the whole thing.

    In a ridiculous sort of way I'm sad I don't get to spend those sweaty evenings with you at football. I'm sure you have a lot of fun.

  5. I loved that song when I was a wee lass, but when I saw the video I threw up a little in my mouth. So glad there's no Smell-a-Vision included with that one.


  6. Ok, Physical was pretty sleazy, but what about the freakiness of Xanadu. That movie was beyond weird!! Although that song "Suddenly" was pretty good.

  7. OMG - that video was hiliarious! Happy POW!

  8. Her character Sandy in Grease would be SO disappointed in her....oh but then she turned a bit sleazy too didn't she?

    I guess it was inevitable.

  9. I probably would've joined in!

    The video is hilarious.