Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great examples of Word of Mouth

If you aren't familiar with the Will It Blend Videos go get a snack because you might just loose 10 minutes of your life watching more once you get going. Blendtec spent $50 on their first video and they have been going strong ever since! Within the first few days they had millions of views on YouTube. Some great ones to watch are the glowsticks, don't blend me bro, bottled beverage, and in celebration of the end of baseball, the baseball.

Watch one or many and it becomes obvious that the marketing of this product is brilliant! You don't go away from the videos feeling like they were trying to sell you, they make you laugh and they are chock FULL of keywords!!! Don't be surprised if they blend a Batman figurine or an Obama campaign sign.

The other one is the Bag of Crap from These cost $1 plus $5 shipping and there are videos popping up on YouTube of people opening and revealing what they got in their bag of crap. This kind of word of mouth doesn't cost Woot anything...again, just brilliant! No false advertising here, they say right up front that it is a bag of CRAP.

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