Monday, May 5, 2008

I could just BARF

That dangling tooth came out last night. My stomach just started to turn again just thinking about it. Miss thing was trying to twist it...then came running into my office with that horrific look that tells a mom "I'm not just f***ing around, something is terribly wrong." She opened her mouth and that tooth was STUCK in a very deformed position. Trying to show how in control I am I call my 8 year old and tell him he HAS to get the tooth out because I might throw up. He tells her to open her mouth and in the mean time she has moved it back to a normalish position. He looks at me in disgust and tells me it is fine. I know by the blood and the hysteria that we will not see bedtime in the near future if I don't suck up my sincere phobia of loose teeth. The neighbor who is the tooth pulling pro has gone to Walmart, she'll call on her way home.

Here are the things I tried:
1. toilet paper to get some grip--slippery sucker
2. dental floss wrapped around it--heard a snapping noise, then the tooth came out.

You'd think that is where this disgusting story would end... I kid you not when I tell you there was some sort of wiggly thing hanging down, it had to be a nerve a root a dead worm. I had to leave the room. I called everyone I could think of and not ONE person rose to my level of hysteria. Shit, it just occurred to me that I should have called my brother, HE would have, he can get worked up over just about anything that involves blood. I even tried to take a picture of it to prove I was not over reacting... "replace batteries" the story of my life.

I tucked her in bed with her deformed socket and told her how cute she looks with her missing tooth and the wiggly worm hanging down. I told her it might be best to just keep her mouth shut until it goes away.

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  1. I would have totally rescued you from the tooth!! I love loose teeth but sadly my boys won't let me get near them. They prefer the "wiggle until they fall on their own" method.

    Ha! I forgot that you had that phobia!