Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo in the Burbs

We really kick up our heels here on May 5th. Picture six gals out at the Sock Top Brewery(don't try to find me scary internet stalkers, you'll never be able to do it, I have changed the name of the restaurant you'll never get me). We had Mojitos to create a festive Mexican mood and some spinach cheese dip that is so NOT on my Weight Watchers point plan.

My friend's cell phone rings in the first 30 seconds we are there. Here is the one sided conversation:

"What? What? Water? WHAT? Who? Cold water? Who threw cold water on you? Who? Where are you? Do you have clothes on? Did you put on lotion? You are sunburnt that is why it hurt? Tell grandpa that hurt you."

WTF? That is a fucking strange conversation to start out Cinco de Mayo in the burbs.

Then a woman we know (kinda not really) from school comes over to let us know that she is meeting her sister and her boyfriend, but her sister is running about 45 minutes late so she has to (roll of eyes) sit and have drinks with this man until she shows. She just wanted to let us know that so no rumors start about her being out with a hot young guy. (my words not hers)

We talked about everything from love swings to school to teachers to boy she must be really worried that her sister isn't here by now to school to the principal to emailing the superintendant to the cabins to baseball to gosh I hope her sister wasn't in a car accident to boy it sure isn't busy for cinco de mayo to weight watchers to jewlery to let's do this again once a month.

Fun times ladies! What did YOU do for Cinco de Mayo, I am sure it is a BIG holiday where you are from!


  1. Didn't even get a margarita. Damn.

  2. The Margaritas looked funny to me. This not to be announced restuarant is no Whipple Tree!