Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Puzzle Me

mom: Kelly, get on there and get a puzzle ordered.
me: what?
mom: Get on there and get a puzzle ordered.
me: Do you want me to go to
mom: I don't give a rat's ass, just get a puzzle ordered.

That woman gets a thought in her head and she just won't let it go.  We apparently are having a puzzle emergency here.

Bliss at the lake :)  I'm off to get a puzzle ordered.  I'll be sure to post the puzzle I find.

BTW I had a bug fly down my shirt and I did the total scream, jump up and do a dance freak out.  Remind me to write tomorrow about the spider that was dancing on my mom's eardrum. NO JOKE.  Maybe that is why she's all jazzed about the puzzle, that spider is making her go crazy.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you gotta post the puzzle now!

    And did you kill the spider? Man I hope so!!!!

    Mothers...somedays, I don't understand them. LOL - or myself for that matter...