Thursday, August 13, 2009

If Your Uterus is Falling Out I'd Like to Welcome You and Make a Few Suggestions

Seems I get a lot of traffic to the blog from people searching about their uterus falling out. Remember when I made a sarcastic reference here to mine falling out? Well, I happen to also be somewhat "in the know" about such things. See, I am a sex educator and, well, I sell things to help women improve not only their physical health, but their sexual health as well. Since I get so many peeps coming to the blog looking for one thing, but then just getting a post about this, I thought I'd at least offer up some good information about what they can do about this prolapse problem.

First, a little background. Hopefully your doctor has told you to do Kegel exercises. If you aren't sure what that is, read here and I'll wait for you. Back? Ok, so the pelvic floor is VERY important not only for your physical health, but for your sexual health as well. Calm down people, we'll get to the sex stuff in a post tomorrow.

Your pelvic floor needs no mopping or waxing which is the good news, bad news is if you don't take care of it by doing your Kegels, you might very well find yourself peeing when you laugh, sneeze or jump on a trampoline. Worse yet, if things really go bad you might find yourself with vaginal or uterine prolapse aka "ACKKK, is that my uterus/bladder coming out of my vagina?!" At that point many women require surgery to get those organs back up where they belong. Not fun and NOT funny here on the Something Funny Happened Today blog!

Kegel exercises aren't just for older women or women after childbirth. Although they definitely help with the "wind tunnel" problem that many women have after multiple births. The pelvic floor muscles aid in childbirth as well as preventing future problems. So, you young things better get to working out as well!

Many women do the Kegel exercises all wrong (or not at all), using their stomach and butt muscles....WRONG muscles. So, there are something called Ben Wa Balls that are meant to force you to use the right muscles. These weighted balls, when inserted into the vagina, will let you know if you are using the correct PC muscles, other wise as soon as you stand up the ball will fall right out. Don't get discouraged, it will take some time, but you can work up to being able to not only stand and hold the balls in, but walk around (don't get cocky and head out to the grocery store or the mall-that spells disaster for sure). The ben wa balls serve as a bar bell for the vagina and ensure that you are actually working out the appropriate muscles.

Let me back up here a second...anyone get hung up in the last paragraph where I mentioned putting the balls in the vagina. Did any of you begin to panic about the balls getting "lost"? Did visions of the Emergency Room flash through your head? How about picturing the balls coming out your nose if you sneeze? All totally normal thoughts, but absolutely NOT going to happen. The balls are weighted which means you'll be hard pressed holding them in for 5 minutes, let alone getting them stuck in there. Also, there isn't anywhere for them to go. If you are still worried take a look at the picture below, that is all you need to do to get them to fall right out if for some reason you have some bionic pelvic floor.

Over there on the right there is now a link to my Facebook Fan Page. I don't want this blog to turn into a Slumber Parties by Kelly blog, so go there if you want. But I promise I'll post the sex stuff tomorrow...if you have kids who read my blog, you are in for a fun conversation tomorrow! I have given fair warning.

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  1. You rock! And not to mention are completly hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back tomorrow for my next lesson! And I'll leave the teenager at home reading her own blogs! LOL

  2. Hey Steph, she might really learn something! Kelly is good.

    Love you, Kel!

  3. thanks ladies for your faith in me! The day totally got away from me, but don't worry one more day won't hurt anyone! :)

  4. Kegal exercises can help strengthen the muscles needed to prevent conditions such as Prolapse of the Uterus. However, once an actual condition is diagnosed, this can no longer be of any use in lieu of removal of the womb or a viable alternative in reconstructive surgeries in the affected areas may it be vaginal, pelvic, etc.