Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Ok, quickie post while my mom is looking the other way. (She doesn't understand and embrace family coming to visit and sitting with compuers on their laps. Nuf said) So, I am going for a nature walk in a minute. I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats wondering if we made it here. We did, in record time and all is well.

Tomorrow the rest of the troups arrive and holy cow will it be loud. My brother, his wife and their 3 daughters arrive and my kids can't be more excited. Buddy Boy is truly psyched to see his cousin who is only 10 months younger. They get along great and he is always happy because she'll follow him anywhere and do almost anything he wants. It's like having his own entourage. He wasn't sure, however, if it would be appropriate for their underwear to share a drawer. That made me laugh.

The little girls (as we call the twins) are only 10 months younger that Miss Thing and they are like the 3 muskateers. The laugh giggle, bicker, gang up on the older two, sneak, hide, laugh, play, and have been known to throw in a sword fight or two just for good measure. I'm sure I'll have tons a great picks to post...right now nature calls....I mean I'm off for the nature walk.

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