Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are we there yet?

Day 2:
8:20AM On the road with food in our bellies. (If you call cereal and greasy eggs, bacon and hashbrowns food. Thank you Days Inn!)
10:51- 1st stop of the day for a potty and gas break ($4.04/Gal yesterday it was $4.15!!! Holy crap!) That means no souvenirs, sorry doogs.
The trusty GPS is telling me we only have 4 hours left to get to our destination. Those of you who don't know me ...any guesses where we are going? I will have a prize for the best guess.


  1. Going to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho--
    Sam O'Daniel

  2. i guess Priest Lake, Idaho. Am I close. I want the prize. Love, Aunt Sheri

  3. I'm hoping it's CA to see Headless Mom so that I can have an even better excuse to head down to her house. :0)

  4. Sam was close, Aunt Sheri is a cheater and Meghan, I WISH I was headed to CA to hang with you and Headless!

    So, Sam, you are the winner unless Headless has ever mentioned my folks' place in Idaho and then you are not. I think it is Big Sam, not little Sam??? Let me know so I can send out your prize (don't get too excited though, I'm not big time with the blogging prize giveaways just yet!)

    Thanks for playing!