Sunday, August 3, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- Jott

Word of Mouth Monday

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Today's review is best explained with a few examples:
Me (in my head): "Damn, I keep forgetting to write that post about my uterus falling out. I wish I wasn't driving right now or I would write myself a note not to forget. Oh, wait! I can use Jott!"
Me: (picking up the phone and auto dialing the Jott number)
Jott: "Who do you want to Jott?"
Me: "Myself."
Jott: "Ok, Jott yourself, beep"
Me: "Don't forget the post about your uterus falling out."
Jott: "Got it!"

When I get home I have LONG forgotten about the uterus post. I head to my computer and there in my inbox is an email from Jott. It says, "Don't forget the post about your uterus falling out." PLUS it has a little button at the bottom of the email that allows me to LISTEN to the message as well. HOW TOTALLY COOL?!

Next example:
Me (standing at football practice talking about Olivia Newton John): "Oh, crap, I forgot to let everyone know that the meeting got moved from my house to Lori's house." I dial Jott on my cell phone.
Jott: "Who do you want to Jott?"
Me: "The team."
Jott: "Ok, Jott the team. Beep."
Me: "Hey everyone the meeting is going to be at Lori's house, not mine."
Jott: "Got it!"
Jott then sends an email out to everyone on my team (I have set this up before hand).

Let's say you have a dad who is completely computer illiterate. His name might or might not be "my dad". Not to worry, you can set Jott up to email OR text!

I know you are all drooling at the thought of being able to TEXT while you are driving. I know some of you text AND drive, I have seen you and your weaving death mobile. So, let me just add one last juicy nugget to seal the deal. (oh and I have NO DEAL, Jott doesn't know I exist, but I would be happy to have a Jott ad over on the sidebar) Anyhoo, back to the nugget. No special equipment needed, this is included and did I mention FREE? When Jott emails you with the transcribed also adds a link at the bottom to click and HEAR the audio as well. cool, free, and it has a zillion different uses.

I also use mine for grocery lists, tracking mileage for my homebased business, brain dumping when I can't sleep, sending mass messages and it is just one more tool (besides Ginkgo Biloba) that helps me with my horrid memory!

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Did I mention that the Apple just added Jott as an app for the iphone?

OK, it's late and I just can't figure it out, but Mr. Linky is bringing up the posts from the last time. I'm sure they won't mind having their links and their great reviews up for another day, but can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? anyone? anyone?


  1. No idea why it's doing that, but seriously I don't mind!

    Additionally, I have my own issues (again)too. I set my WOM to auto post, and it didn't!!!! So I've gotta figure that one out now! LOL

    Good luck - and come read about my happy feet!

  2. Kelly - I can't believe this! Where are all the peoples???

    ...we have got to get you some "traffic"...

    seriously great carnival...and I'm dying to see more stuff. JOTT is cool!

    Don't give up PLEASE! I'll keep on trying to get the word out! :)

  3. I suck.

    Vacation is kicking my ass and I almost forgot to close my giveaway posts and choose a winner.

    Next week, I swear!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Okay, I'm so gonna go JOTT! I have never heard of it. Thanks!