Sunday, August 10, 2008

Someone BROKE IN While We Were Gone!!

We got home from our trip tired and ready to relax only to find that someone had broken in while we were gone! I have been so upset about this for the last two days that I haven't been able to post about it until now.

Mr. Man messed with the evidence and now we are at a loss for how to catch them. The police are no help and the neighbors say they didn't see or hear anything. Seems the little f'ers were quiet in their break in.

I didn't even really notice anything was amiss at first. Then my husband showed me this:

and all I can think of is this:
So now I need one of these:

I'm open for suggestions for the best way (read- not get my hands dirty or have to look at a cute little pleading mouse face) to get rid of our unwanted guests. Thank the Lord they are only in the garage!!


  1. ROFL!! You had me going there. I'm sure you'll catch the sneaky little things soon.

    I'd be freaking out as well. I think I'd have to go stay at a hotel until things were under control!

  2. Buy a cat? Oh those mice give me the heebee middle bean has a snake and so we gotta have frozen mice in the deep freeze-I refuse to keep any our "food" in the deep freeze now.

    Good Luck my friend had a mice prob she bought d-con

  3. Yep... been there! Caught total of 35 mice in my basement at the last house. That's why you don't live on open space!

    The animal lover in mecouldn't kill the poor critters, so I caught them in a live trap and then relocated them. After opening the box for the gingerbread house my children made and finding nothing but crumbs and then catching 4 mice at a time in the live trap... it dawned on me - they've invited all of the friends to the safety of my home to eat and poop their cute little hearts out!

    I'm no fool - real traps for those little bastards! That's all great, fine and dandy until your husband is gone and you have a mouse in the trap, still alive, suffering! Now what! I don't know... Poison? They'll die in your cabinets? Borrow a cat!

  4. OMG - You totally freaked me out!!!

    I soooo owe you! I was holding my mouth even, and my eyes were huge...

    All I can say is you need to kill that rat bastard! LOLOL

    ...I do still owe you! :)

  5. Ok, so I catch the buggers with a trap borrowed from Tami, then I freeze them and send them to Georgie. I post a picture I save one just in case Steph steps outta line with her payback and I send Dawn the bill for the hotel I'll be staying at while all this goes on.

    Thanks for the advice Doogs!