Monday, November 16, 2009

If my blog were a child, Social Services would be called

I am the worst blog parent ever.  If there is a Blogosphere Social Services someone go ahead and call them because I need this taken away and placed with a more nurturing family.  One that will give it daily attention and not just dress it in a nice header and add a Lijit search box.  I have not fed the poor thing since September!!  But you already know that because you stopped visiting (all 3 of you) and all I get around here is a very consistent parade of g00gle searches for:

  1. falling uterus (here)
  2. uterus falling out 
  3. how to tell if your uterus is falling out
  4. can your uterus fall out sneezing too hard
  5. can your uterus fall out
  6. what excersises can you do to strenthen your uterus (go here)
  7. something funny to say today on monday  (HINT: it is NOT "my uterus is falling out"- nope, not funny, especially on a Monday)
I've been through the ringer the last 10 months, but the good news is I'm ready to be back on MY blog to talk about what I want.  For now, my good pal IRL needs your support today, can you go and give her some love?


  1. I was going to call the Blog Police to make sure there wasn't a dead body somewhere in your blog.
    Glad you're back.

  2. For my love of your blog, I took days deciding who to give an award to that was passed to me.

    Hope you enjoy. Award is over here

    Good to see you back posting. xD