Monday, September 14, 2009

What do Serena and Kanye have in common- don't worry it's mulitiple choice

A. they are both so entitled they now use zero judgment
B. they are both assholes
C. they didn't learn from their mother's the appropriate way to deal with anger
D. you can't buy class
E. all of the above

But alas, they each will get more press, more money and more annoying as time goes by. I don't see why the VMA doesn't just put a sign on the door that says, "Kanye West go home, you are not welcome here."

Beyonce was a class act as was Taylor Swift for coming out and giving her acceptance speech. They both deserve the limelight and it PROVES that those who use Twitter end up winning a lot of things. BTW, are you following me on Twitter? You never know when I might need your vote, I'll follow you back unless you are a bot and then I will block you. :)

If you missed the VMA's just get on Youtube or Twitter to catch up on all the buzz