Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving poem for my loney blog and the jerks who have kept me away:

Thanks Google
because ALL poems are written with a calligraphy pen

We became acquainted when things in my life were grand
I started posting to have a place to be myself
to share the fun pictures and silly memories.
Then I left you to pay attention to business
and only gave you fleeting attention.
Then I fell into a depression and wanted to use
you to vent my feelings and expose my pain.
I couldn't because I didn't want those who hurt me
to have a window to pour in their salt.
I've allowed the thought of them reading here keep me away.
No longer, I'll say what I want and tell MY story.
Go away evil doers and your evil ways,
Kelly is here to STAY!

This is one of those awful poems that isn't like a poem at all, except maybe for the fact that I pressed return at the end of every few words to make it look "poemy". Speaking of poems, I had the pleasure of attending my son's 5th grade class poem reading. They were so cute, they served "hot chocolate", I lovingly refer to it as brown water. One of the kids started their poem out with "My brother sucks" soon as I heard that all my nervousness for my son went out the window. I knew even if his poem didn't rhyme it couldn't be worse than "My brother sucks." Oh the joy those parents must have felt that day drinking their brown water and listening with pride.

I toast you all this Thanksgiving Day with a glass of brown water and a poem of my own. At least I didn't title mine "I have known a few assholes in this lifetime."

P.S. Sadly, my son inherited my lack of haiku skillz.

P.S.S> Have some time on your hands today to read sarcastic greeting cards? These are the best!

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  1. I'm always here to hear your story. Hope you guys had a fantastic day. One of these days I'd love to spend it together!