Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Itsy, Bitsy Spider...

went in my mother's ear,
she was asleep, but woke up in great fear,
she used her finger to try to "pop" it out
that didn't work so she began to shout
she ran water in but had a little doubt
and that itsy, bitsy spider never did come out.

Be sure to read Part I for the history.  FYI, if you ever DO get a spider or a bug of any sort in your ear the best way to get it out is to flush with either oil or hydrogen peroxide.  IF you are sound asleep keep in mind you'll be panicked and not thinking clearly, but now you'll know. 


  1. I think after that scary ordeal,
    I'd really need a drink...
    All that excitement so late at night,
    Would absolutely stink!

    Cheezy I know, but yours was so cute I had to try and be WITTY.

    Geeze, You're poor mom!

  2. I couldn't comment at your older posts and i kept messing up your long email, SO... your daughter needs to hone her skills. The backflip is a subtle skill. But with tenacity and great will, she will find her way.

  3. You warned us, I know you did, but I've read these posts anyway.
    I don't even know what to say?!?
    I guess, well, I've learned a new use for hydrogen peroxide.
    Oh, your poor mom!