Friday, August 1, 2008

Site not working? Blame Site Meter

After the HTML, comment, layout hell I have been in the last week can you imagine how I about went postal just now when I tried to go to my blog and was met with:
Internet cannot display the web page!?

I would like to share with you all.the.awesome.sites I've come across in the last few days that have helped immensely and helped me trouble shoot and fix this problem in a matter of seconds.

Here is what Site Meter posted about a scheduled outage. I am not sure if that is the cause of my aneurysm frustration today, but feel pleased that I was able to fix it on my own. Now I will pray my blog doesn't self destruct over night. Perhaps this will help some of you?

While we are on the subject, what service do you suggest for stats?


  1. I use sitemeter and I have not had any problems that I know of. I use Firefox, though.

    It can be crack. Love watching my numbers. The day that Steph/year of crockpotting linked to me after her Rachel Ray appearance I watched it all day and laughed. I ended up with 366 hits that day-biggest ever.

  2. Headless- your site wasn't working last my panic I went to the sites I knew had site meter. It is working fine now and I have added it back to my sidebar...Crack fo sho that site meter!!

  3. I have to agree, what a bunch of crack heads (or headless-lol).

    You guys are a riot!

    I had my own issues, but eventually found the answers this morning. K, you were lucky to find the statement from sitemeter...they hadn't given one when I found my solution this morning. Urrrg!

    PS....I have my WOM all typed up for MONDAY!!!!!! I'm so excited! :) Wooooo HOOOOOOO!!!!!