Thursday, August 27, 2009

Totally annoying me right now

People who have their twitter account hooked to Facebook and tweet like every 2 seconds.

Eating dinner at 4pm so we can be to football by 5:15.

Coaches who say practice is at 5:30, but yell "You're late!" to anyone who arrives after 5:20.

People who continue to have the same problem OVER and OVER and never once take a look in the mirror, but blame everyone around them.

Kids who by the 5th grade do not come in the door from school and automatically answer the 5 questions I have asked daily for the last 5 years : "How was school? Anyone get in trouble today?* Who did you eat lunch with? What did you do at recess? Do you have homework?" *BTW, this is a GREAT question to ask when you want them to talk and you learn a LOT about the day.

People who say they are going to do one thing and do another.

Waiting for test results.

The way my daughter acts like she can't brush her teeth.

Kids who ask for dessert EVERY night.

Kids who ask what we are doing tomorrow after school.

What is annoying you?


  1. Yep. 4pm dinners suck donkey balls. Especially when we were trying to make weight. We're down to 3 practices a week, thank goodness!

  2. I don't want to hurt anyones feeling but I don't like music with WORDS on blogs. Music is great but I don't care to read and listen to words.
    Pop-up on blogs. So many have pop-ups when your mouse hits certain areas and also the BlogHer pop-ups are getting to me. Sorry, I had to vent.

  3. I totally agree about the music on blogs. I just can't read with lyrics being sung at me. I often leave a blog that has blaring music if I can't find the player to mute it quickly. Thought I was the only one with that problem. Glad I am not alone

  4. Had another one I just have to get off my shoulders:

    kids who march around the store with something on begging to get it. Then when it comes time to wear said new purchase there is all of a sudden something wrong with it, too tight, it itches, or my personal favorite "it feels funny." Mind you the tags have been ripped off by now and God knows I wouldn't be able to find the receipt if I had even an inkling that I would actually return it if I did. gggrrrrr