Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just when you think no one cares...

you get a little something like THIS from a great friend:

Headless Mom has been a supporter of mine for a LONG time. I'm not talking months or even years, I'm talking DECADES! She inspired my first mini skirt in 8th grade (or was it 7th?), she introduced me to the Go-Go's, she patiently went over, and over, and over the cheer routine with me knowing full well that I just wasn't going to get it. She's seen me heart broken, in love, mad, sad and glad. She's given me a truckful of helpful advice including the nudge to keep blogging through and around the stuff going on in my life. I love this woman! Thanks for being there all these years and showing me what it means to have a friend for life.

But alas the award comes with strings attached...The rules are as follows:

List 5 obsessions that I have and then tag 5 other people. (who comes up with this stuff?)

5 of my obsessions are:

1. Red Bull- (is it ok to start off with that?) Now I'm feeling guilty, maybe I should put "Raising my children to be happy, healthy, productive citizens." hmmm, even typing that felt wrong, it's definitely got to be Red Bull.

2. Sexual health- (that sounds creepy but so does Red Bull as #1 over everything else) my job as a sex educator is a passion of mine. My goal? Educate WOMEN about their bodies, make them laugh and give them an excuse to have a glass of wine while giggling with girlfriends, all in a setting that will have their parnters PUSHING them out the door.

3. Reading- anything really, I love to read and learn. I mostly read the internet, but I just tell people it's like reading a book. I read a TON of blogs (I'm better at doing that than keeping up with my OWN blog)

4. Facebook- me lovey some Facebooking, just a week ago I got back in touch with one of my besties from High School. oh did that girl make me laugh!

5. Cleaning- you read it right, cleaning. Anyone who knows me IRL is now choking on their coffee. That is a big fat lie, just ask my husband he'll tell you! I want to say exercise, but it isn't quite an obsession yet, but I'm working on it!

1. I am going to double tag Serenity Now - is that breaking some super secret bloggers rule? I started reading her when she was doing her 365 posts. She must have worn herself out she just doesn't post as much any more.

2. My Frugal Adventures (damn, I should have made HER one of my obsessions!) This woman is a TRUE gift in my life. I am learning the art of coupons, saving and having fun while doing it. Charlene puts an incredible amount of time and effort into her posts and I SO love her for it!

3. Mountain Momma Musings - this woman can write, she's funny and I think from reading about how she doesn't make her bed, she and I might get along VERY well (although for the record I DO make my bed, I just don't finish cleaning out the crockpot after making chili until there is mold floating on top of the water, but I digress)

4. Classy & Fabulous - the name says it all don't you think? What it doesn't tell you is that this young lady (uggghhh I'm OLD) is a great writer, sassy and just plain darling. I love reading her posts they make me feel as young as I am in my brain! I figured she needed a fabulous award for her fabulous blog!

5. The McMommy Chronicles - she's a blogger star, but her posts make me laugh or smile so she gets my award!


  1. Thanks, Kel. I'm sitting here crying. I needed those kind words today! Love ya, sister!

    Oh, and Steph had BETTER blog this! Do you hear me Steph? Get to it, girl!

  2. Congratulations! HeadlessMom is a IML friend of mine too. Isn't she sweet?

  3. Wow that is so very nice of you! I am going to bookmark this for all those days I get mean comments and am ready to quit! Thank you! I am so glad to have such awesome readers!

  4. Alright I'm going!!!! :) CRAP! I might be having "lol-emergency" company this weekend...I have a house to clean ladies!!!! LOL :)

    Ok, I'll go! Dang! Crap! Seriously? Geeze!

    I'll get you back baby! I will.. He he he!

  5. Kelly - you da bomb! Thanks for the compliment. Keep reading.