Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear other bloggers, you ROCK, you make me feel inferior, but I star you in my reader anyway!

I may have been on a hiatus from the blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't been all over the web reading, starring and enjoying other people's blogs and awesomeness! I'm shocked at the spectrum of material that I not only read, but star. Enjoy!

I'm a newly converted coupon whore. My Frugal Adventures is an AWESOME blog. Charlene puts an incredible amount of time into her tips and I appreciate all that I am learning from her. My first trip to the grocery store using ONLY her printable coupons saved me 48% of my bill!

These cinnamon rolls make me drool and the picture on Joy's site are sure to make you hungry and at least 5 lbs heavier just by looking at them. Such a great place for all things delish.

This was something I had every intention of doing, Simple Mom makes me feel inadequate, but she's got such a great way of making me feel like I REALLY could do this if I just gave it even a smidge of effort...

I love a blog that makes me feel better about my junk drawer though and total props for Happy Hour Sue who videos her webkin explosion as well as her junk drawer. Oh, and Sue, my kitchen looks like that too! Check out Simple Mom, you'll feel inadequate too.

Target clearance schedule...this seemed important and highly top secret information to me which is why I starred it in my I don't need it because I have Charlene and her incredible Target tips... oh and I found out it isn't really that top secret.

It isn't Fall anymore, but I wanted this "look"... ask anyone who knows me...I didn't have this look at all this Fall. Maybe next Fall?

So, just a little link love for some of the NUMEROUS bloggers who kept my reader full and me in the know during my funk.

Much love to Headless Mom over at The Adventures of the Headless Family and Steph at Serenity Now! Serenity Now! for encouraging me to come back and checking in with me while I was gone. Love you guys!!

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  1. Much love right on back.

    Now off to check out these-some are new to me!

  2. I'm here because of Headless Mom and am looking forward to knowing you, also thank you for the links.

  3. I hope you two found some gems you weren't familiar with!!

  4. Thank you for the shout out Kelly! I have no idea what to do with my GoDaddy name now either- twitter to the rescue! I am going to be posting Target clearance timelines very soon as some biggies are coming up :) SO GLAD you are saving! I hear over and over it is too confusing and people give up.