Monday, June 22, 2009

Cool things I've Learned from Twitter

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spmarneLearning how to consolidate some of this twitterbooking at

1. If you ask for help it will come.

I posted this question:

ok this is going to sound REALLY dumb, but here goes- I bought a domain name and hosting thru what do I do? :) from web

and got this reponse like 4 minutes later:
GoDaddyGuy@Kellypaull, The first step is to go through the hosting setup - Do you have a plan for building the site? from web in reply to Kellypaull

then I got this:

GoDaddyGuy@Kellypaull, Let me give you a call. What's the domain name? from Tweetie in reply to Kellypaull

He called me, we chatted on the phone for 30 minutes, he walked me through everything and Shazam, things were on a roll!

I asked this:

I'm a fashion victim...what shoes would YOU put with this dress? mind you I'm a giraffe on skates in high heels from web

and got this:

ShoeMall@Kellypaull: has a lot of sparkly dress shoes - lots have higher heels though. has fun shoes too.

RT @guykawasaki Gmail allows you to "Undo Send" if you act in 5 seconds How about Undo Tweet!

kind of like google docs, but live...pretty cool for collaborative projects
@GoDaddyGuy thanks for telling me about destroy twitter, have been using it all day and loving it!
@Girlfriendology I love your site!! very cool, I know I will lose myself there!

The law of reciprocity. This means someone helps you so you have the desire to do something for someone else:
case in point:
I must be crazy...anyone?? My computer screen is upside down? This is nuts!

so I did a google search and sent her this:
@Hostess_Tori this might help

some other helpful soul sent her this: (much easier than my reply!)

@Hostess_Tori CTRL, ALT and UP (arrow) keys should fix it.

then being the polite tweeter she is, I got this:

Hostess_Tori@Kellypaull thanks!! Fixed now- work resume, lol. Upright. from web in reply to Kellypaull

What have YOU learned from Twitter?

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