Friday, July 3, 2009

Airsoft guns + 10 year old boys + cake= The Man Bash Birthday

We survived the airsoft war ManBash that was Buddy boy's 10 year birthday bash.  This is the kid who was never allowed to have even a play gun.  I was that mom who insisted that guns would make him a mass murderer and our house didn't have even one play gun until he was a cowboy for Halloween one year and I caved.  Mr. Man took full rein on that one and bought a CAP gun. (I about came unglued!)   I think he worried that I might never have another lapse in judgement again so he tried to get his money's worth out of me...little did he know that in 2008/2009 I would have a complete mental break that included a gun safety class, a Red Ryder for Christmas and now air soft guns that can cause a welt and even blood if you hit exposed skin from a few feet.   I think this is what happens when you try to smother pure instinct.  My son had his fair share of guns...made of bananas, sticks, toilet paper rolls, fingers, you name it and he was able to turn it into a gun complete with sound effects.  Sure, my friends laugh and I am sure have had conversation about how I have lost my mind.  But the party was a huge hit, the boys came home minus any injuries and even the dads are talking about when it will be their turn to have a shoot out in the mountains.  Here's a video and some pics to capture the day. 


It really was the perfect day, tomorrow's post: From gun slinging war men to Baseball League Champs!

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  1. You are now the most popular mom in town. That must have been the best party ever!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see after tomorrow!!!

  2. Hope Buddy Boy had an incredible birthday!