Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The worst Christmas Gift?

15 years into marriage and I have resorted to buying my own gifts. Life is just too short to feel disappointed. Last year I bought myself a TV/dvd player for under the cabinet in the kitchen. I love it, well, I love the idea of it. I'm sure I'd cook more if that TV were actually installed. Yup, it's still in the box, in the basement. I should have included installation in my gift.

This year my gift is a Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Pink)...I love it already! I took it with us on our date night and it works great! Oh, it's not wrapped and under the tree, if I have to shop for my own gifts I get to decide when to open them!

Enjoy this little clip and let me know in the comments what the worst gift you ever got was!

The worst gift I ever got was from my then boyfriend (now husband) for my birthday. It was a tee shirt (in his size) from the Wilderness EMT school he had just gone to. He was definitely in the dog house after that one.  Guess I had my own fair warning?


  1. I could make a list of bad Christmas presents starting in year 2004 when we got engaged. That's when the good old in-laws started purchasing the goods. Or should I say recycling? Last year it was used cloth napkins with stains and all. The year before, some hideous "holiday" pillow. For my birthday - a scarf that said "Luca" on it with a baby giraffe on it. WTF?

  2. That is a riot!!!!!! I'll think about it and get back with you. :)

  3. Let's see.... it all started 3 years ago. Christmas 1 from the ex-husband. A chintzy chime clock and car battery jumper cables. I unwrap, I process, I ponder.... and then my daughter says "Daddy, you got the same present at Grandma's!"

    Christmas 2... I unwrap, I process, I ponder... a DVD drive for my computer. (uhhhh, it has one already!)

    Christmas 3.... I unwrap, I process, I ponder... It's a remote car starter. He says - "You can start your car from inside the mall!" (hmmmm, after install cost, I'll be too broke to go to the mall!)

  4. Something from an unnamed family member. This person has the right heart but just doesn't get it.

    Or me, apparently.