Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just when you think it's not going to happen...BAM!

photo courtesy of google images

I've been fighting off this cold for 3 days now.  I asked my Facebook friends (not on Facebook?  srsly, go sign up, it is a really fun way to keep in touch without having to totally BE in touch.  Plus, you are sure to track down some long lost friend or boyfriend or neighbor from childhood.)  Anywhoo, I asked my Facebook friends to give me some home remedies to escape the cold that was looming there in the back of my throat. 

I'm here to report that none of it worked.  Here's what I have tried so far:
I have to admit I did not try these:
Oscillococinum, haven't gotten to the store.
Grated ginger, um that just sounds gross.

Any suggestions?


  1. a shot of dimerol-whicks knocks you on your assa for 3 days and your hubby has take care of everything while you sleep for did i say 3 days!!!
    hope you get better soon....i had this a few weeks ago-it sucked!

  2. WTF is dimerol-whicks!??? going to have to google that one!

  3. Chicken soup and hot toddies will make you feel better. Nothing really works - colds are in charge of the world.

  4. I can tell you that I am a total fan of Drixoral (the green pills)...they are otc, but you gotta get them from the pharmacist, who wants your first born.

    They don't get rid of the cold but they do indeed get rid of the symptoms and I can function so much better when taking them. ONE a day :)

    Good luck sweet pea! Sorry to hear you're sickly. Get well soon!

  5. Love FB! Feel better.

  6. Here are some ideas for natural immune builders and infection fighters. You might have to Google them for your area:

    Source Naturals "Wellness Formula". Take these one to three times a day during winter months (or all year) to keep immunity up. If your sick you take 3 pills three or more times a day. They are awesome!!

    Now for the tough stuff. My kids wont take this but I swear by it!!

    Dr. Christoper's brand "Super Garlic Immune". It is in liquid form and you take 1 Tablespoon once a day to build immunity. Where you are already sick, you take 1 T. hourly. Add Dr. Christophers lymphatic formula to it and you should be better in no time!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!