Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My vote is for the best man for the job, my son

It's Election Day 2008, today is the most historical election of our times. No matter who wins today history will be made. Today also marks the first time my son is running for office. His speech is written and has been practiced over and over. His nice shirt is clean and ready to go. He talks in his speech about being able to stand up for what he believes, about having respect for himself, his peers and a vision for the school at large. He doesn't make any promises since we all know politicians never keep their promises. He is funny, creative and real. He is my son, running for 4th grade student government representative. He has my vote and I approve this message.

I love you buddy boy and am so proud of you. I hope your generation gives us more hope and that the right man wins the election both at your school and in the Presidential Election.

You can counT ON my vote! Go get em!


  1. I vote for him too! Good luck Buddy Boy!

  2. Did he win? Did he win?
    I sure hope so! He had my vote all along!

  3. Good luck to him!

  4. Thanks for your votes ladies! It is with a HEAVY heart that I have to report that he did not win. It ended up being a tie the first go round between he and another boy. Then the class had to vote again and he lost by 2 votes. He was upset, but very positive saying he'll run again next year and win it then. I love resilience in children!