Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do you want the cutest Christmas cards EVER?!

I will be honest and admit that I am usually a day late and dollar short with the whole cute family picture sent out in time for the holidays.  So bad in fact that we have officially been taken off MOST people's lists.  That's right peeps, if you don't send the cards you end up not GETTING any cards!  This year I am going to be on it, and not because a friend of mine has this DARLING business AND she's giving discounts.  The real truth is I want my kids to be excited to get the mail and I want there to be something in there besides bills and political ads well, bills.  Ok, I want my kids to think I have friends around the world.  I want them to crawl in my lap and for me to tell them all sorts of really fun stories about the people in the pictures.  Not, "Oh, that's some guy daddy works with and those must be his kids."  So, this year I am sending cards (if you are my friend would you email me your address?  I've long lost it since the last time I sent Christmas cards was when I was skinny and young and tan and at an exotic destination  not as super busy as I am now.)

Nashie Notes are absoulutely adorable and I love the story behind how Larissa came up with the idea for this business.  I can tell you I am not surprised, she was ALWAYS so darn crafty back in college, really, people, enough to make you almost sick.  I'm so happy to see it has carried her into a full fledged business!

Aren't the models in that picture up there just yummy?  Oh the sand, the water, the white and khaki.  Actually, they are Larissa (owner of Nashie Notes) her husband, Jim (the inspiration of this business) and her eat em up adorable children.  Would it be possible to just cut and paste my family's faces on this pic?

If Larissa will let me, I will post the secret code to get 25% off your orders during the month of November.  (OK, shhhhh it's NOV08)  but act surprised and don't tell her I gave you the code.  Just think of it as my early Christmas present to you and yours!  Now what are you waiting for, armed with that badboy discount go NOW and check out Nashie Notes and be the envy of all your unmotivated, unorganized, out of the loop friends!

P.S. don't forget to send me your address if you want a cute card from me! Check back tomorrow, I need YOUR help deciding which picture I'm going to use!!


  1. Those are really cute cards and gorgeous family! Thanks for the tip! I can't believe it's this time already again.

  2. OMG - I need to send cards this year too, but I do not want to...

    I feel Christmas lazy. So I'd better get to checking out those cute cards, huh?

    I'll be back tomorrow! :)