Friday, November 7, 2008

I need YOUR opinion!



Ok, internet peeps, like I told you yesterday, I need your vote for which picture to use for our Christmas card this year.  We want a good one since most of our long distance friends haven't seen a picture of us in YEARS.  Read yesterdays post to get the low down on our plan to get back on the Christmas Card list of friends from years past.  If you want to get some good snail mail this holiday season you might want to check out Nasie Notes as well! 


  1. #1
    Not because the hunky man is shirtless ~ really! Everybody's face shows up better in this one.

    You have a good-lookin' family!

  2. #1 or 2-those have the best faces.

    Damn. Now I know what to expect.

  3. ummmm kelly is it wrong that I licked my screen at to the first pic....if I were you ahem I would make the hubster look like fat bastard from austin powers...yanno photoshop an all...I wouldnt want your family hating you ;-)

    my pick for family Christmas card is #2 or 4

  4. 2. #1 is great but hubby doesn't have a shirt on and that kind of takes my attention away from the rest of you....not that the rest of you aren't gorgeous, but um yeah ok I'll stop while I'm ahead. #2 is my pick for Christmas card material. ;)

  5. #2 Definitely! #1 is great, but Craig looks a little too good. No need for him to get that kind of attention. Sorry!

  6. I agree with Kelli and Marne - #2, is a great shot and no one is 1/2 naked. Remember the episode of Seinfeld, when Elaine sent out Christmas cards and didn't look at them first...and you could see a *ipple. LOL I am wondering if hubbster might not want everyone staring at him all the time, especially if you have some single friends. LOL :) #2 all the way!

  7. I have to say you all are making me step back and take a new look at my husband! He's been so damn annoying with this surgery I'M about ready to start taking the valium and Narcotics to escape the pain of having him around so much!

    Steph you are totally right about the nipple and it never occurred to me at all until you said that.

    Marne- I now feel I must start working out, can't have my husband showing me up that way.

    Kelli- yes, I agree I don't need competition in the photo

    Georgie- lick away sister! If I had photoshop I'd so be coming back with another picture!

    Headless- I'll try to surprise you with something different.

    J'Ollie- cute blog! and maybe we can draw a shirt of Mr.Man. Although I have no makeup on in that pic so I'm thinking maybe we should got get one taken. Sheesh!

  8. Kelly,

    My pic for your Christmas pic would be number two - I thought about #1 because nothing says Merry Christmas like a shirtless husband but... I think your smiles are all great on the second shot. BTW you don't look too happy in pic #3???