Sunday, November 2, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- Real Sex for Real Women

Today's WOMM is brought to you by a crazed wife who has been home with the injured, narc'd up firefighter for an ENTIRE WEEK! Please pray that his doctor's appointment goes well and he goes BACK TO WORK!

Don't you just love the title? Well, I can tell you from five years experience as a sex educator of REAL Women, this book couldn't hit the shelves fast enough! I've seen a real shift in the views of women in just the past five years. I come into contact with so many women who are ready to take charge of their sex lives, their sexual health and their pleasure.

Dr. Laura Berman wrote this book and will be appearing on Oprah on Monday, November 3rd to talk about it.  You won't be sorry you watched, Dr. Berman is an amazing woman with incredible knowledge and research behind each of her best selling books.  Tell all of your girl friends to watch and while you are at it you ought to plan your own fun girls' night out!  Contact me, I have team members all over the country and can hook you up with a distributor in your area.  If you want to educate and empower women about their sexual health, let me know, I'm happy to tell you all about it.



    I will try to catch Oprah today-(it's right in the middle of homework time.)

  2. Did you all see it? Fantastic show, tons of great clinical information and truly the reason why I love my job and also why our industry does not see a dip during economic hard times...everyone wants a satisfying sex life.