Saturday, October 25, 2008

He'll be dancing in no time!

Hello from post-surgery central! Man I tell you the wonders of medicine are amazing! Mr. Man's surgery was quick, only an hour and the recovery room time was totally cut in half due to the surgeon using a nerve block and not so much anesthesia. I was expecting time to read my book and live blog from the waiting room, but got a phone call before I had even left the house to come and get him!

He was alert and that whole arm was totally dead from the block and stayed that way for about 15 hours. I about came out of my skin though when I woke up to him asleep with that dead arm flopped backward in a weird position.

When we got home I fed him, set him up with the remotes a bowl of candy, the phone...everything he might need for maximum comfort.

I must give a shout out to his Man Friends. As much as I joke about the henny hens of the fire department they have been so great. The phone has rung off the hook from all the different stations and different shifts calling to check on him, razz him and even check on me.(I have to laugh, everyone thinks they are all sexy and hot and strong and brave, they are really a bunch of softies.) One of the Man Friends even came here at 5am to take him for surgery since I had to get the kids to school. Man Nurse stopped by right when we got home from surgery and even made him another bagel since I was busy hanging out with Man Nurse's wife.

We are blessed to have such great friends and now if someone will just check on me from time to time since I'm not at all used to having him home every night!


  1. You'll totally need that trip in a couple of weeks. It will keep you from finding that butcher knife. Or drowning in your wine every night.

    Just Kidding!

    Glad he's ok and especially glad you've got good friends to check on you.

  2. glad to hear it is was quick surgery and hardly no recovery room time wow...the patient looks lie he is being well taken care of!

  3. Did someone say trip? Are you headed my way, then toward Headless????? :) Wink Wink! I could totally use a slumber party! LOLOLOL

    Ok, back to the fireman at hand! I'm so glad it was such a seamless surgery...He looks like he's feeling pretty good, I hope they gave him some good meds. :)

    And I too am glad you have had so much love coming from your friends, and his! Awesome!

  4. Sounds like a great support network. Good to hear all went well.

  5. Sounds like it went very well and that you both have great friends. Here's to a speedy recovery and that he doesn't drive you too batty. ;)

  6. Ok, 3 days in and the sunshine and roses are starting to wear off. I will indeed be ready for my trip to SoCal to spread the Slumber Party love!