Sunday, October 26, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- brought to you by Narcs and Valium

Mr. Man continues to heal and now that the nerve block has worn off we are thanking God for Narcs and Valium and Red Box.

Today's Word of Mouth Monday is just something to make you laugh, doesn't cost any money. I can't take credit for the find, my friend, JC, found this and told me about it...THAT's the way word of mouth works!

So, go forth and make your tampon Holiday decorations. There is something there for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, you name it and a simple tampon can be transformed. I'm thinking these are great "You're in Menopause" party favors or activities!


  1. Ha! That is hilarious! There has got to be a party favor in there for one of your parties.

    My entry for the week:

  2. Hilarious! haha I must file those away to use at a later date.

  3. Headless- you'd think so wouldn't you?! Mr. Man and I did go see Fireproof. I'll come over and post on yours about what we thought.

    Kelli- it really is crazy what you can fine on the internet! I am sure these would be good to pull out when the kids are bored and everyone is driving one another crazy over the holidays!!

  4. Very funny. Glad Craig's surgery went so well. Here's hoping the recovery is as speedy. Tell him we are thinking of him. Also please tell the kids thanks for the thank yous. Our baby is coming on Dec. 4 at 12:30 pm. Still no name for the little guy. Will let you know how things go. Take care, Love, Aunt Sheri

  5. OMG! I thought I was gonna die...I was thinking, that ghost looks an awful lot like an OB...


    Love ya!

  6. I found the site and was still shocked when I saw the little guy dangling on your blog. Luv ya blog KP- Glad I could finally contribute. JC

  7. I nearly choked it was so funny!