Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going under the knife

It sounds so masculine and brave, don't cha think? Well, we are in the count down to Friday early 0600. So early as a matter of fact, that Mr. Man has a Man Friend taking him to his surgery. Mr. Man is picturing a weekend of pampering and babying and warm cookies and movies and fluffed pillows and narcotics. Oh yes, just like little sugar plums dancing in his delusional head. Here's the drill. He's outta here off to surgery with a groggy kiss from me morning breath included. Then Man Friend will drop him off and I will be at home feeding the children a nutritious meal of instant oatmeal and Lucky Charms. Then off to the surgery center (I don't think it is even a hospital) (That's what you get when you are on workman's comp) Say those small words in a whisper, it is a dirty word phrase.  So, I've got an injured firefighter on my hands and it ought to be a laugh a minute.  If you want the up to the minute scoop go ahead and follow me on *twitter* .
                                   Torn bicep tendon:

Did you know that Dancing with the Stars caught a bicep tear on film?  I have a feeling Mr. Man will be dancing around the room once his is repaired!


  1. Good luck with your husband on the mend. I hope it is quick and as little pain for him as possible.

  2. Oowwww! Kisses from us for a quick recovery!

  3. I have got to get myself "on" and "functioning" with twitter...I'm so not in the loop there!

    A fireman!!!!! Oh you lucky girl you! My friend and I used to follow firetrucks around all the time...just to see the hotties! :)

    Baby him just a bit for me...not cuz I want him, just cuz I never was able to date one! LOL

    I'm going to eat a very NOT SO good for me chocolate muffin from Costco for your kids are not the only ones missing out on all the healthyness of a vitamin enriched meal. :)