Monday, August 11, 2008

Blog Roll Stroll

I am loving the new phone and one of its benefits is I can read my favorite blogs while out and about! With a two week vacation under my belt and I am TOTALLY caught up on my blog reading, it would only be fair to share the great posts I've come across recently. Not only have I read some REALLY great stuff, but I've found some new friends (waving at my new stalker!) and I get to pass on this really fun new award. Ok, so honestly, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE an award, a certificate, recognition. OK, I love attention. I'll be honest. My job in TRW is one where I am the center of attention, I make people laugh, I make an a$$ of myself and I LOVE it. I only wish I could be as funny here, you guys would love this stuff!

Kick Ass Blogger Award

So, as undeserving silly as it is, I'm thrilled to get this little badge and hell no I'm not going to be all coy and say,"Oh, but I really don't deserve this." Bring it ON! Oh and I'd like to thank my fans fan stranger who doesn't know me yet you all! I'll be passing it on per the rules, to 5 of my favorite bloggers tomorrow so come back to see if it was you read some really GREAT bloggers! The rule is that you go away and check them out BUT COME BACK and let me know if you enjoyed then, mkay?

Now without further adieu, my Blog Roll Stroll:

This one call Pee Purse about had me dying laughing.

Headless was in Hawaii this week, check her out! (Don't worry, she's totally fun and cool even when she isn't all "Aloha" and "Mahalo", and don't let the headless thing freak you out)

Meghan at AMomTwoBoys had been through the ringer this week with preschool starting and the whole glasses debacle. She's totally hip and smart and if you haven't checked out AllMediocre WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? All the coolest mediocre bloggers are doing it!

Simple Mom: I can only aspire to lead something called a simple life and that is why I love this site, I pretend that I'm going to do all the cool shit she does and it makes me feel better. She is beginning a 6 part series on being unproductive and disorganized (Right up my alley!)

Black Hockey Jesus at The Wind In Your Vagina is just truly a trip, but he posted this week about this really cool friend of his who came up with a cool app to clean up your itunes

These looked cute for the kids and easy and yummy.

This is a totally cool hip new site and I have spent LOTS of time in there looking around, here are a few places to start .

Check them out and be polite while you are there, wipe your feet at the door, say please and thank you and, oh yeah, it's nice to leave a comment!


  1. You rock, Girl! Thanks for the awesome girl talk last night. Headless Dad just laughed at us-he kept saying "Are you still talking to her?"

    Going now to visit those that I've never visited before. Funny how you surf and have a different circle from me. Cool that I can find even more food for my reader.


  2. This is a "stalk-up" get it..hehehahahoho

    Ok I am loving your blogroll stroll-

  3. I enjoy the reading at your blog! Thanks!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. headless- we need to chat like that more often!

    Georgie- I KNEW you were still here stalking me!

    Mark- well muah to a man who says nice things! (I hope you are a man and not a woman with a man's name (unmmmmkinda like Georgie? he he) or alias or weird man name fetish) I'll have to check you out too!

  6. Oh CRAP, I finally get a really nice comment by someone who loves to read my blog and I accidentally delete it? Are you kidding me right now? I was trying to edit MY comment and I think I deleted Mark's by mistake!! Come back, come back you with your nice comments!!

    But, seriously mark, it would never work out between us, your blog is all about getting fit and healthy and all I have to show for health is a very unhealthy addiction to wii fit. Yes, I drink water daily, I walk to and from the car and I watch football pracitce every day. But truth be told, I like McDonald's and I do have a Red Bull every now and again. So, hopefully you meant those nice things you said that I accidentally deleted. Crap, no wonder I don't have commenters, I go and mess up a good thing. Seriously, tho Mark, if we could try this again, I promise I will be a better blog friend and never delete you again.

  7. Kelly - I'm soooo glad you got that award, you totally deserve it. Becuz you do KICK ASS!

    I can't tell you how fun the blog roll stroll was...

    I got some serious laughs tonight baby! :) And tips? Who knew?

    You're such a blast!