Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Reader Runeth Over!

OK, I am clearly no blog pro. (I'm smart that way and have a knack at stating the obvious) Vacation and holidays got me right between the eyes where blogging is concerned. I'm not good enough yet to have my posts PRE-written and I got too caught up in Vegas to actually post from there and now I'm back and all overwhelmed with the 218 posts in my reader and the fact that NONE of them are mine. So, bear with me one loyal reader and we'll be up and laughing some more soon!

Here's what you have to look forward to:
Buddy Boy's BIG purchase with his bday money.
Our trip to the trauma center with Miss Thing today.
The most beautiful place on earth and the way some foreigners can screw that up with a few firecrackers and booze and a video camera.
The book I just read that made me cry more than a river of tears but is truly one of the best, if not THE BEST book I have ever read.
My product picks for the month (including aforementioned book)


  1. I've missed you!

    Steph has been posting about her reunion. Do we need to start thinking about that yet? Only 3 years to 25...


  2. Ooohhhh...I'm intrigued. Glad you're back and I hope Miss Thing's okay. We had Doc visits of our own today. Not fun.

    PS. I get to meet your buddy Headless Mom next week and I can't wait! Wish you were going to be there too. Maybe next year!?