Friday, July 11, 2008

Twisted by Grace

I promised to post about Miss Things Trauma Center visit. I have to first say that I now realize that my mom is not reading my phone call wanting to know what happened. Now that I think about it, I now know that NONE of my family is reading my blog.

I don't know if that is good or bad news?! Internets, you understand. There are times you just want to write something that you know mom wouldn't approve of. Why is it that at 39 years I still check myself and don't want to disappoint my mom? I digress...but mom, when and if you ever come back to my blog again could you post for me and the internets how to program a child with an inner "Uh, oh I better not say, do, think that or my mom might be disappointed" chip? I definitely want my kids growing up with this inner conflict voice.

So, little did I know that Miss Thing has so much in common with Dooce and Headless Mom. Seems Dooce missed a back flip on the trampoline and Headless Mom twisted her ankle and is busy reading blogs with her foot elevated and iced. Let's do the math (something that hasn't been done in this house ALL summer!)

Dooce + Headless Mom= Miss Thing

She was jumping on the trampoline (I can see the eye rolls and hear the "you suck as a parent" undertones now) with some older girls and came down on it wrong. It was the death scream that tipped me off and the fact that I could see from.the.door the SWOLLEN and BRUISED ankle already. Mr. Man had just driven away for some batting cage fun...figures, where is a Paramedic when you need one? His expert opinion was to elevate and ice (this over the phone in hopes that he could still make it to the batting cages). Mommy intuition told me he should shove the bat up his ass come home and take a look. "We" made the executive decision to head over the the trauma center.

We came home with this:

This is NOT how her face looked a mere 2 hours earlier. Note, the (hence the batting cages).


  1. I'm glad I read dooce last night to get it. I've never been mentioned in the same sentence with her before.


    OUCH! Mine wasn't nearly that bad, although it still hurts. How long does she have to wear that? Give her lots of kisses and ice cream from me. I feel her pain.

    Incidentally, after it happened I told HD "Oh, it'll be ok. Since my ankles are so screwed up from HS cheerleading they end up feeling ok pretty fast."

    Famous last words.

  2. I am reading your blog almost everyday. I was waiting to hear about your trauma......checking every morning, but no story. Hope she is feeling better and can't wait to see you all. I am bringing something for the little girls, but am at a loss as to what Clayton would like. What are his interests? Let me know. Love you, Aunt Sheri

  3. I forgot to mention that the boot stays on for 10 days (ok about 4 hours into it the novelty wore off for her) AND that the xrays showed a possible twisted growth plate. So...back in 10 for more xrays.

    thanks Aunt Sheri for reading! and caring and commenting! And you don't have to bring gifts, but he is into boy things. I'll have to think on it and let you know.