Tuesday, July 1, 2008

N.I.N.E. is Divine

We did not get to spend your birthday together. The first EVER and it made me sad. I was in Las Vegas sweating and you were in Missouri riding your first motorcycle at Granddad's new shop. YOU were not missing me on this blissful day of danger and speed.

I was thinking back to 9 years ago today. That was me, the BIG, BIG woman with the Fred Flintstone feet stuffed into the Tevas. I had so many worries about motherhood childbirth. But none of the things I worried about came to be...I didn't have to push, I didn't have to breathe, I didn't have to worry you'd be brain damaged by the forecepts. I had no idea you'd come by emergency C-Section. That thought was not even on my radar. I will never forget the look on Rara's face when they wheeled me out of the room to the OR. SHE knew something I didn't at the time, you were in trouble. Obviously, you made it through and so did I. You arrived on a Holiday weekend and daddy and I had the best seat in the house that 4th of July. Right from my hospital bed we watched the fireworks as you slept in your lighthouse (you were a little a lot jaundice). Flash forward 9 years and now I get to enjoy your enthusiasm for the fireworks and I still have the best seat in the house..with my kids.

You are into skateboarding, your PSP, taunting your sister. I caught you helping your sister up the stairs with her boot. You are a caring big brother, son and friend. You have a love for God and are growing in your walk with Him. You watch too much TV and don't read enough to make me happy, but I'm happy to continue to struggle with you about that!

I love you Buddy! Happy #9!

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  1. These kids are killing me.

    Would they stop growing already?

    Happy day from the Headless Family! Although you could use our real names. He might get confused.