Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Sassy New Do

Time for a change. Or time for mommy to not have to hear you whining about getting your hair combed.

This picture of the hairy, pink Elephant ass made J and I crack up. Everyone needs a friend who thinks dumb things are funny. We even laughed about it again last night, a full 24 hours post hairy elephant ass. Now THAT is a friend! Guess what, she'll laugh again when she sees this picture, then she'll call me laughing and we'll laugh AGAIN. Scarey, I know.

The end result is darling! She loves it and as much as I was worried about what her daddy would say, he loves it too.


  1. AWESOME and very sassy!

    Mom and I are here reading blogs...

    The hairy elephant ass is just too much. There are no words. Really.

    Much love, my friend! Having a drink and missing you tons!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog tody and leaving a comment! I was hoping that kind readers like you would help my comment count to explode violently into double flgures for a change, but alas. It sits there are 9. N-I-N-E. I am asking my brother if he can tip me up to double figures for me :)

    Love the new haircut! Very nice!!


  3. Good plan. The morning Lucy hair brush is the worst.