Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The First Day of Summer

Miss Thing and I went for a walk this morning and she did something that touched my heart. These days she does more to touch my buttons than my heart so I literally had to stop and watch. As I was walking and she was scootering I noticed that she kept stopping and then would catch up. I finally figured out what she was doing. She was picking up every Roley Poley she found and was gently putting them back in the grass. She was worried they might get run over or stepped on. She apparently was not worried about the amount of bodily harm she was doing to them by pinching them in her fingers or the fact that she might have just added another day to their travels by putting them on the wrong side. It was done with love and caring and all I can hope is that she hangs on to some of that as she grows up.


  1. its great to see kids who care. At least your little one puts them back in the grass. Mine just like to hold up traffic watching them crawl across! Any idea how long a walk takes with THAT!?

  2. That's very sweet of her.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier & I love the project blue picture you took.

  3. Such a sweet story!

  4. I had to tell my daughter (who was 14 by the way), that she just took a rolly polly from his home and family (at our house) to her Grammy's house.

    Then I asked her if she would like it if someone picked her up, and took her away from her family and dropped her off somewhere...who knows how far away, with no family.

    She promptly picked him back up, and we took him back to our house.

    I also told her something along the lines of he was probably the head of the household, and the only provider...

    Though she knew I was just giving her a bad time (and I was) she does think twice now about some stuff. :)

    Very sweet story! She's probably a cutie and has a big heart!

  5. that is the sweetest thing! i love it!