Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here's how I spent my day...

Woke up with my 6 year old standing by the bed staring at me. I have to wonder not only why she does this, but how she gets so close without me hearing her. I could seriously be killed in my sleep by her some day...wait that is totally creepy, I need to change that to I could be killed in my sleep by a total stranger (like THAT isn't creepy). Don't worry internets, I kid, I sleep with one eye open and one foot on the floor with my GUN under my pillow so don't get any wild ideas about coming over here and trying to get me. PLUS I have a really strong and brave husband who could kick your ass. Oh, and I totally respect him for the record.

She told me she was hungry so like any good mother I yelled downstairs to her big brother to turn on the water for oatmeal. (No, Amy, not cut oatmeal! The sugary kind that actually tastes good)

Then we got ourselves together and went to Target where I can not spend less than $50 when I go just for something like shredded cheese. We were on the prowl for some fun water toys as today is the day that the pool opens. $153 later...I have some granola bars, a cute thing to make sun tea in, some torpedo dive toys, water shoes, two sets of goggles, a Littlest Pet Shop toy, one tech deck, and a $50 skim board slip and slide thingy. oh and some chicken breast for dinner. I hate that place and their damn end caps and their cute summer cookout stuff.

To the pool for hamburgers, chips, ice cream and a little cha cha slide. That's me on the end doing it wrong. That's KK minus her hearing aid sitting out because she can't hear the words. If I were a better friend I would tell her what's coming up but I can barely cha cha with my full concentration, let alone having to preempt the next move.

Wind, sun and some good gossip later we all decide to head over to KK's neighbor's house to check out the Bull Snake that has taken up residence in the engine of their SUV. FOR.THREE.DAYS! I kid you not, and I have pictures to prove it. I'll get that post up tomorrow, I don't want to blog about it tonight for fear of nightmares. If you want to read about a really creepy nightmare check out Backpacking dad's dreadful dream. CREEEEEEPY!

After we came home I met our new neighbors. They asked an innocent "What do you do?" and I told them. They are now either really psyched they are going to be my neighbor or really freaked out. I assurred them I am the classiest "romance enhancement specialist" they'll ever meet. Don't be fooled, I didn't use those words. They asked how the grass is so green. I should direct them to my blog, but that would mean I couldn't talk about them anymore, so I'll just direct them to my website. he he or better yet, give them a company catalog with my face on the front.

Tomorrow: church, party, beer and pizza at the snake people's house (they are thankful the snake is gone) and then a sleep over at our house with four 8-9 year old boys. I'm tired just thinking about it. Maybe we can hook up the skim board thingy and tucker them out real good? Oh, it won't matter, I'll drink a lot of beer at dinner and sleep through it all. Problem solved! Oh settle down, moms of said boys, I would never drink like that when your cherubs are in my care (that you know of).


  1. BpD's dream was creepy-I read that earlier.

    Here's the wierdest thing, though- You were at the pool and our heater was on all day. How's that for ironic?

    Target sucks. I won't even go in any more.

    Really wish I could have seen the neighbors' faces when you dropped that bomb!

    Miss you bunches, Pal! Really wish we could come out this summer.

  2. I promise I will have the hearing aid on all day for all the parties. I know all my precious friends get tired of me ignoring them, or saying, " what, huh, what did you say, can you repeat, I didn't hear you"

    and............ I did dream about that darn SNAKE last night.

  3. No need to read BpD's dream I was up with my child all night trying to convince him that there wasn't a half dead twitching eared bunny in his room. KK's neighbor's way of torturing my poor child, walking around trying to be manly with his bb gun shooting innocent peters!