Saturday, May 24, 2008

That's no BULL

Peek-a-boo, I sssssssssssseee you! This snake has been making a nest hanging out in this car engine for 3 days .

Meanwhile, in the grass nearby...a friend, relative, lover perhaps?
Tools needed for bull snake catching:

1 Fish Net

1 BBQ tong...forked ends not necessary

Additional tools:

1 putter, 1 babyblue trash can

I love the manly pose, can you smell the testosterone from there?

That snake was so mad he got him self all twisted and tangled in the net.

1 animal control officer to watch and offer helpful advice.

Additional tools: scizzors to cut the net and gloves because you might not

be as manly as you thought earlier.

1 SNAKE light! bwahahaha!

1 blow dryer to heat things up and make that snake come on out.
It might be a flying snake you never know!

Meanwhile back at the car...

1 snake pincher thingy borrowed from the animal control officer.

Down to the open space to let him/her go.

Think this is crazy, check out what snopes has to say about snakes in the engine...oh and if you are queezy at the sight of snakes, go no further.


  1. Blech! I hate snakes! I'm glad that I got to witness that from far, far away!! If I had been there, I wouldn't have-been there. I would have been running for the next county!

    Yes, that man of yours- filled with testosterone, I tell you! ;-)

  2. Hey, headless, take a closer look, that isn't my man!

    Oh and I asked before we went there if loud screaming and screetching might help get that snake out. I hate snakes, but it was too good to pass up for blog's sake!

  3. Wow, those are some big snakes and I am glad that bull snakes don't live in NC. I would never go outside if I had those around where I live!

  4. that's my man........isn't he hot!!!!

  5. HOLY COW...err...snake!

    You seem so...CALM.

    I'm grossed out over here.

  6. YUCKKKKKK!!! You mean to tell me you had TWO SNAKES??!!

    I've got goosebumps just from the pics...I can't imagine actually being there!!

  7. I almost didn't click on this one because of the snake in the title... yikes! :) Happy POW!

  8. omg - seriously my skin is crawling!!

    you are a brave, brave woman. i don't think i could have gotten that close even to take the pictures!!

    happy pow :)

  9. That sucker was BIG! We had that happen once too! We were sitting there looking at the snake and he slithered right over and wrapped himself around the axle. Snake tip: If he's slowly slithering toward the axle of your car, drive AWAY. Exciting post!

  10. Oh my....I'm having flashbacks to when I lived in Colorado!!

    ....waiting for my heart rate to return to normal....