Thursday, April 24, 2008


Six means a lot to you, I can tell. You woke up feeling much more mature, but still scared of having those two loose front teeth fall out. Really the one on the left is all but dangling there. You are into all things girly. Glitter, Hannah Montana, nail polish, dancing, twirling, singing. You are funny, you make us all laugh. You really like presents, don't ask me WHERE that came from. You are smart, you like to read, your laugh melts my heart. You are a wiz on the computer and you leave the best voicemail messages. Please stop growing and stay right where you are. What can I do to freeze you at this precious age where you aren't embarrassed by me yet (unless I sing, dance or do anything un-mommy-like)..damn, I guess we are past that not embarrassed stage. But at least you'll still be seen in public with me, you'll hold my hand sometimes and even kiss me at the crosswalk to school. You give the "I love you sign" as you run away and hugs and butterfly kisses at night.

You are still afraid of "the hairy island"...I have proof, I took this picture this morning!

You are a loving sister, I have proof of that too...

Happy Birthday little girl...we love you!

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  1. Do you realize it's been about 2 years since I've seen your kids? Crazy! Good luck with the Fancy Nancy party- it sounds divine!

    Oh, I've been trying bricks lately-they don't work too well. And it hurts when they fall off of their little heads..