Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You MOCK me!

Driving in the car the other day my 5 year old (OK, she'll be 6 tomorrow) says with longing, "Oh look!" (I'm thinking she sees something really cool like a wild fox) She is pointing at the Rec Center and says, "When will we go back there?" Her father and I assure her we will go there soon (I don't mention that we'll go there when mommy loses 15 lbs and looks cute in a swim suit). As we get closer she says, "Oh look at you Rec Center there just mocking me!"

Seriously, what 6 year old (t minus 7 days) says such a thing?! MOCKING? So we laugh and then ask her what does mocking mean and she says, "It means it is staring at me." Not exactly the correct definition, but I thought she did a nice job of using a big word!

On a completely different note she is one excited jumble over her birthday tomorrow and her Fancy Nancy party this weekend. If anyone has any ideas for what to serve 5 and 6 year olds that is "fancy", won't stain the carpet, doesn't cost an arm and a leg and fits into a finicky eater's diet...please DO TELL!


  1. I love when they use words correctly that most adults can't!

    Welcome to Bloganvilla!! I'm so happy that you have joined us! Let me know when you want me to introduce you on my blog...I'll link you tomorrow!

  2. BTW- Happy Birthday to Miss 6 year old Smarty-Pants!

    It is not possible that our YOUNGEST children are 6. Nononononononono!