Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- Tuesday Edition!

I've been a little MIA around here, but bring you this WOMM fresh off a 5 day retreat in Breckenridge Colorado with some of direct sales' hottest minds. I should be posting about my favorite new shot, but will hold off until I can do a post that will do it justice!
So, we laughed and ate, and drank and ate, and slept and ate and this next product is my new favorite and will be yours too. Seriously, I must have been living under a rock somewhere because this weekend was the first time I have ever seen these.
I made chili (recipe to follow) and it was a mess, Tiffany made her Creole Steak and clean up was easy breezy!
These Reynolds slow cooker liners are DA BOMB!!! It is getting cooler out and with football games it is the perfect time to dust off the Crock Pot and pull out your best recipes. We will try Mr. Linky one.last.time. Here are the details with a twist. This time you are either going to post your favorite slow cooker recipe on your blog and come back here with your link OR you can do your own favorite product. If you do not have a blog don't worry you can post your recipe in the comments section below!!!
I KNOW Headless mom is all over this one, she has some serious slow cooker skillz! So let's have it, I really need some yummy stuff to feed my family, they are sick of chicken nuggets!
I can't take credit for this delicious and sinfully easy Chili recipe as it came from my bff, BUT she doesn't have a blog so I have officially re-named it:
~Kelly's Kick Ass Chili~

1 1/2- 2 lb browned ground beef
2 cans tomato sauce**
2 cans chili beans in chili sauce (Kuner's)
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 packet chili seasoning
cayenne pepper to liking
Put in crock pot, cook on low for 6-8 hours
serve with cheese, chopped onions and cornbread! YUM!!
OK, your turn, continue the comment love and read about blog etiquette if necessary!

**Edited to correct chili recipe**


  1. Heads up are usually necessary for a change in plans....

  2. okay i know i should be all like YAY kells you are havin fun in friggin breckinridge but i cant i am a stalker and i need my daily posts you had me hooked with the whole 'the day your urterus fell out' bit...
    ok on a lighter note that chili sounds yummy! when daylight savings time rolls around i will make it...

    and i so dont understand mr linky...i think he is tryin to get 'fresh' with me...I told him i was married geesh...

  3. Headless- I knew this one would be up your alley, thanks for being so flexible my friend!

    Georgie- Mr linky is simple, do your post, publish it, then pull up your blog and right click on the title of the post, then copy shortcut and come back here and paste your shortcut right into Mr. Linky! Try it, you'll like it!

  4. Oh Kelly - Accidentally I posted a crock pot recipe yesterday too....holy cow! Now I'm prepared for next monday...if I can remember...because I have a WOM already done and in drafts...waiting!

    Georgie - We need you at WOM Monday's :) Come on! :) If you want I'll give you my number and walk you through Mr. Linky!

    :) Steph

  5. Hi Kelly,

    So I am one of those dreadful lurkers you admonished recently. I love reading blogs and I even started one with my daughter but I just have a hard time finding time to comment regularly. Needless to say....I love reading yours so please do be kind and only slap my hand lightly. I actually added a recipe to Mr. Linky....look at me go!

    Have a great day!

  6. hi there...just found your blog today, and i would mr linky this, since it's what i'm making for tonight, but it's not mine - she's got a ton of awesome crockpot goodness, if you haven't been to her site...i use my crockpot all the time, but sadly i don't seem to have posted many of my creations yet...i'll have to remedy that :)

  7. I picked up some of these last night, in anticipation of making Kelly's Kick Ass Chili this weekend!! Can't wait!

  8. Hey there!!
    I am so new to this and I am really trying to get the hang of it. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I dont understand the r. Linky thing too much yet...if you have any advise for me or if anyone else reading does, Id love to hear it.
    Keep up the good work, I will be back to read more!