Monday, September 15, 2008

blog etiquette

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Hello all you bloggers and non-bloggers ( friend's husbands who read this blog and my mother and my aunt) Just thought I might throw out some blog etiquette. I am in no way saying I even know what blog etiquette is. I do know what it isn't. So let's start there.

It is not good blog etiquette to read a blog daily or even weekly without so much as leaving a comment. It doesn't have to be ten sentences long, a simple, "Hey, hello, how are ya?" would do. The back to school with peanut allergies post got people talking, need ideas of how it is done go read the comments there. If you are reading this in your reader, it is not proper etiquette to always read from there and never actually "come over." Come on by and check things out. I cleaned up for ya!

I have fixed my commenting problems thanks to my pal Vin, he's really the man (I think he is a man. I guess I am assumming he is a he. I guess Vin could stand for Vinella or Vineritta or Vinegar all lovely feminine names.) Vin, would you comment and let us know your gender? Not that it matters you are a wonderfully talented blog person (leave your official title too as I am sure that using "blog person" is not in good taste.) I HIGHLY reccomend Mr. or Ms. Vin for all your blogging catastrophes. Here I am showing GOOD blog ettiquette by praising the person who rocks and adding links to his/her site. That is called link love and just to set the record straight it is perfectly ok to link love with someone you really don't know that well or even their gender. The wonder of the blogosphere is that it is ok to be nice that way, and it is encouraged. Being selfish on your blog will get you nowhere. Well, maybe all alone on a blog that no one frequents or comments on.

Let's do a bullet list here of all the things a proper blog visitor will do:
  • comment (comments are the currency of the blogosphere) here is a post about masturbation and commenting that I came across after it's blog owner left me a comment, see how that works?
  • leave a link to their blog or at least their name when they comment, that's what Tena did and see where it got her? 4 links back to her!
  • if you are going to be snarky make sure it is at least funny and not cruel
  • if you lurk for too long it just gets creepy, say something
  • visit those who DO post and leave them a comment too
  • read back a few posts or check out the "best of" some of the best posts are the very first because the blogger was writing in their true voice, not their fake "I hope you like me blog voice"
  • check out the blogroll, you'll find some really good stuff there if you just look
  • send the link to a friend or family member who would enjoy the post or the blog itself
Blogger and blog friend No-no's:
  • don't expect your blog friend to post all the things you wish you could say (make your own post and ask your blog friend to be a guest know who you are)
  • don't think your blog friend is always talking about you when she posts
  • don't think because you did something stupid it will show up in a blog post, although it might so read daily just in case
  • understand that sometimes a post is just funnier when the truth is exaggerated
  • don't wear the following tee-shirt, it will hurt your blog friend's feelings and make her want to post mean things about you, even if they are untrue.

Or maybe she'll get her own tee shirt:

Love ya non-blog friends!! :)


  1. Uh oh. I hope you're not talking about me!

    (btw-I replied to your comment in the comments. Another blog-etiquette thing that I don't usually do but it was totally necessary for the flow of conversation. I know. A can of worms that you can't address right now. heehee. Um, sorry.)

    Have fun!

  2. I think replying to the comments in the comments is TOTALLY fine and actually I kinda like it when the blog owner replies. Want a total orgasm? Get a reply back from Black Hockey Jesus on his blog!

  3. OK, that Live Traffic Feed is freaking me out - I never considered myself a stalker, but wow. I think I've become a serial commenter. May I make a blog consisting only of blog comments?


  4. Kelly,
    So FUNNY! My other half is going to die laughing when he sees the last pic!

  5. When...not if...if becomes apparent your blog is lacking the desired can always beg:

    or....just admit the reality:

    I also found these to be funny:

    Now there's a blog research topic for you Kelly....the motivational poster. Do they really motivate anyone are are they just more fun to mock?

    Just kiddin' with ya, Kelly! If I were to waste my a blog I would DEFINITELY read yours! :)


  6. oh SB, you are a funny one! I know you read, don't forget the site meter my friend! Good come back, now go spend the money on the shirt and wear it whenever you read my blog. I bet you spent more time finding those tee shirt links than I did writing the post. Don't you have some drunk cheating gamblers to arrest?

  7. once again, hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh you know how I love you Kelly! Thanks for the linky love! And to VIN...thanks for taking care of her when she needed it most! You deserve a big high 5!

  9. After reading, I had to leave a comment myself - Hi, how are ya! :-)

  10. Ok...just for shits and giggles...I had NO IDEA how to leave a comment for your blog. Maybe you should blog on how to leave a blog comment for those of us who are non-blogging, no idea how to comment, bloggers.

    This was good!

  11. I LOVED this post-because more than half my family and friends read my blog but do not bestie is always gettin her pnties ina wad thinking i am talking about is fustrating to say the least...
    I have enjoyed your blog since I first discovered you on allmed!

  12. you scared me- I thought I was going to be on the "DON'T" list! Phew! Thanks for all the linky love!!! I try my best to get to everyone that comments- and try not to sound too dumb on comments! GOOD JOB and good lessons!

  13. Ok guilty as charged, I tend to read blogs and not comment. Most times it cause I can't think of something to say. So uh...Hi How are ya?

  14. you ARE gonna join our SSS right?

  15. I found you through Shauna's... and you're hilarious! I'm probably gonna steal the cartoon, but wanted to send some comment love anyway. And I'm adding you as a link. Thanks! Jenn

  16. This is great, thanks for the tips!

    I read somewhere that a blog is like a good party and you should be a good "host".

    Happy Halloween!