Sunday, September 14, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- Your Face Has Never Felt This Clean!

I must be looking a little sluggish.  I was out to lunch with two friends  last week and they started talking about this scrub they use on their face.  Being that I spent a good chunk of change on the stuff I am using on my face right now, I only half wanted to hear about this other product.  I have to admit, however, that my stuff doesn't include any sort of scrub that is going to help lighten these age spots freckles. Or polish and smooth or mop up the free radicals that are no doubt using my spotted face as a playground or big connect the dots puzzle.  They both got so darn giddy about this stuff and were agast when I said I didn't use this product.  Maybe they weren't "agast", but I wanted to use that word so go with me here.  We were near an Origins Store (find one near you) so they decided we should go there.  Soon I was scrubbing the free radicals and working at doing away with the uneven patches of skin in the store without a care.  This was one of those hands on experiences.  I have to just mention here that the woman that was helping us had the lightest touch as she doused me with toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, you know the works.  It made me realize that my face darn near gets a beating when I put anything on it or take anything off of it.  So, note to self, be nicer to my aging face.  I'm sorry, I digress... so this Modern Friction stuff was the second thing she did to me and my friends were there giddily waiting for me to wash it off and join the club.  And.I.Did.  Off came the scrub and my skin felt heavenly, just heavenly.  I sat there rubbing my hands all over my freshly cleaned and scrubbed face.  Can you imagine the thoughts running through the woman's mind who was helping me?  "You idiot, no wonder your face looks like shit, you keep touching it like that and you'll have more zits than a 14 year old fry cook."  I don't really get zits (don't be jealous, I have my own crosses to bear) but I will if I keep molesting my face that way.  Oh, no I can imagine the g00gle hits I'll get with that one.

I, obviously, bought the Modern Friction face scrub and I have used it twice since and have to tell you that my face does indeed feel great.  The jury is still out on if it is going to lighten the sun spots or how my "fine" or not so fine lines are shaping up.  I'll have to report back on that in a few weeks.  For now, I am loving the citrus scent, how soft and smooth my skin feels and the fact that after all that scrubbing my face is not in the least peely or dry.  I'm off this week to Breckenridge for a training and I am bringing it to try on the other 10 gals staying at the house. 

I love to pass on a product or service that works for me, hence, the Word of Mouth Monday Carnival each week.  It's funny, because I get emails from people who have either tried or purchased the things I have written about here, but participation is dismal.  Don't you all have things you LOVE?  Don't keep it a secret, let us know about it!

 Post about it at your blog, then come here and put it in Mr. Linky.  Got a carnival going on over at your place?  Post a comment here, and let us know about it!


  1. Kelly I have 'things' I LOVE not sure they could be part of a carnival LOL

    Origins products are fantastic-I just cant afford them-are you going to do some before and after shots?

  2. Dueling face wash products! Too funny!

  3. Georgie- I'm not against posting pictures of my mug, but with what I have on my plate I am lucky to get my face washed, let alone glammed up for the before and after pics.

    They aren't cheap, but I can't afford anymore skin damage! ;)

    Go ahead and post about something, anything you love. It could be a candy bar, a butt wipe, a cough drop....anything man!

    Headless--- You know what they say about great minds!

  4. I used to work at Origins. I love their products!

    Have you seen the new Origins store in Cherry Creek North? They have a coffe and tea bar, in addition to all of their products.

    I just bought Youthtopia. It's an anti-aging cream. I can use a ton of help in that arena!

  5. CRAP - 10:25pm MST....I failed again this week! Please Kelly forgive me...I'll double up next week, k? I swear! Or you can disown me! LOLOLOLOLO

    I have a sore throat, does that win me back any WOM love??? Ahhhhh, what a loser I am!

  6. I've been using Beauti Control- they say it's going to get rid of these lines and I'm going to hold them to it!