Monday, March 16, 2009

The Prolific Writer with Insomnia

Is it just me or do other bloggers wake in the middle of the night with ideas for witty, thought provoking posts?  I have the whole thing written out in my mind at 2:43am.  If only I would get up and type them into the computer I would be sitting on daily posts and involved readers.  As it stands, I get back to sleep around 4am and by the time morning comes all witty posts are gone from my head. (if you are reading this you are thinking, "No doubt.")  I do remember telling my mouth breather husband to, "Roll over and punch yourself in the face."  I don't know if 40 has made him breathe louder or has made me wake easier but I can't take this!

Yawn, I'm back to sleep peeps.

P.S. Miss Thing had her soccer game, it was 63 degrees and sunny. Coach Warm Weather was there minus her gymnast daughter and the girls won their first game. I'm wondering if we'll all need to witness Coach's g-string and tramp stamp all season long when she bends down to tie a shoe? Just sayin'.


  1. What a lovely example for the girls! Can we have a coach like that?

  2. Oh I hate it when those most brilliant post ideas vanish with the morning alarm clock!

  3. I'm always suspicious that my thoughts weren't actually as witty as I thought they were in my sleep-haze. Kind of like how completely brilliant I think I am after a few drinks.

    Get a Journal. Put it next to your bed.

  4. I also write my best posts at 2:43 a.m. Of course, I write them in my mind, rather than on the computer. And that doesn't really help the readers.

  5. Honey, keep your phone plugged in by your bed, and send yourself an email!!! :) I do it all the time!!!! warm weather me. her daughters gone, you win a game...coincidence?

    Tramp stamp too...sad. I'm sure you're gonna be blogging to us soon about her spring bikini top...from what it sounds like, that can't be too far away.