Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prayers- any and all are welcome!

I want to introduce you all to a new blog and the journey of a good friend of mine. She and her father leave for India today. They are headed there with high hopes and optimism for the journey they are going on. They won't be there to sight see, they will be there to save a life. My friend is donating part of her liver to her father. The stupid crazy system here in the States would not allow him to even get on the transplant list due to his lack of health insurance. Being resourceful they looked into alternate options. Check out and follow along with their amazing journey to a foreign land to save a life. If you are so inclined prayers are always welcomed! Imagine how great they would feel to land in India, get checked into their home away from home (a hotel room) and to log into their blog and see well wishes from complete strangers who might just become friends and allies on this journey. While you are there give a congratulations as my friend just got married before she left!!

If you or anyone you know has experience with transplantation please direct comments to their blog, I know they'd be ever so grateful.


Love and prayers to you both!!

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