Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Public Apology and Confession

Thought that might get my one reader's attention (are you still there sole reader?)  That illness that was attacking me as I wrote the last post took no less than 2 weeks of my life.  I hope none of you have had the pleasure of the Flu this season.  It kicked my ass and I couldn't bear to do anything, let alone blog.  Oh I have a zillion ideas about the posts I am going to do.  Don't we all? They just come to me at about 3am and POOF, they're gone once my fingers hit the keys.

It's a new year so let's just put my moment of silence behind us.  I'm sorry, not really because I think anyone comes here daily anticipating my posts, I'm really more sorry because we all know how difficult it is to take a break and then come back to writing.  So, I'll be back with some killer blog roll strolls, some word of mouth mondays and vids to make you smile, laugh, think or just waste 4 minutes of your life.

No time like the's a video of 2008 in review:


  1. Its nice to see you back on your blog. I enjoy coming and reading your blog. Thanks for the great video! It made me smile.

    Happy Monday

    Lesa aka Mrs. Potts

  2. Glad your back kelly! Hope you are all better the flu sux!

  3. Wahoooo! 3 readers and commenters! This is the return I needed, thanks ladies :)

  4. Yay!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're back, I've missed you so much! And it's not just 3 readers!

    Mrs. Potts called told me I had to make sure and stop by because YOU WERE BACK (and I noticed by comments you've left-thank you!!!) and that this post was a riot!

    She was right! I absolutely loved it!
    I'm so glad to see your "font" again! LOL You're alive! Wooo Hooo!!!