Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If I don't post in the next two days call 911, I've been electricuted!

NOthing like drunk blogging. I tried 3 times to write Nothing without the second letter being capitalized. But so anyway. Two glasses of wine on board and Mr. Man thinks it is time for me to help him get the chandaleer (that is drunk spelling people, yes I have spell check, but that's no fun) up in my office. I about have to type in the dark and have been doing so for the last 3 years. The kids ask me to wow them and their friends (that's poor drunk grammar) they and their friends? their friends and them? Ok, so they ask me to wow them with my typing with my eyes shut, but it is a talent that would not have been born with a chandelier (see I can use spell check!) in my office. So... if I am not back in a few days send out a hunky fireman because I am for SURE dead with an empty wine glass in my hands and a dead hunky fireman by my side. I would like Elton John's Funeral of a Friend played if anyone is wondering. And don't over do the flowers, but DO send a donation to this great place for a computer for the children in 3rd world countries. Be sure they know how to type in the dark as a homage to me. love and drunk kisses!

P.S. I sure missed you all and never knew that two glasses of wine could bring me back like this! note to self...wine every night!