Monday, October 6, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- - Magic Balm

Today's Word of Mouth is going to be short and to the point. I have a party I am planning with 200 invites going out today. Can you say frazzled??

This Wonderbalm is truly the needle in the haystack but can be found at Target if you get your eyes open.  Why would you want it or need it?  Remember back to the Ped Egg (still a fav) but as we get into the winter months, and it is DRY here in Colorado, my cuticles and hands get really dry.  My heels actually get a break from flip flops, but they still drink up this stuff.  It smells heavenly with the sage.  I usually put it on my cuticles and heels right before bed and I like it because it doesn't feel all greasy.

 You can find it at Target (mine is a Super Target) and it is on an aisle near all the cosmetics.  The cap on the aisle says "Boots"  in cursive.  I swear I never noticed this before someone sent me to get this stuff.

Does anyone think "Wonderbalm" is going to get me some freaky traffic?

I've gotten some emails about how to use Mr. Linky. I'm not only going to tell you HOW to use it, buy WHY you'd want to!

Step #1: Blog about a product or service on your blog.
Step #2: Publish your post.
Step #3: View your post and put your mouse over the title of the post, right click (sorry, not sure on a Mac, maybe Headless can comment and tell us for the Mac users)
then click "copy shortcut."
Step #4: Come back over here and then paste your shortcut into the Mr. Linky Widget. Be sure to also put your name or the name of your blog.

The reasons why you'd want to:
#1 It's fun!
#2 It gets you traffic!
#3 You get to participate and find some really great products, websites, services, etc.
#4 It helps you in the search engines to have links to your site all over the place!

If you want Mr. Linky for YOUR carnival, simply follow the link at the bottom of the box, sign up (it's free) and follow the directions.  If you run into trouble let me know I am happy to help!

Don't just sit there, get goin'! BTW, if it is no longer Monday, you can still post Mr. Linky won't refress until the following Monday!

Check out A Soft Place to Land, she is having a Halloween Party today!


  1. (I'm helping a friend move today so if I get a chance to post it will be late in the day.)

    Mr. Linky directions are the same for Mac users but here are the shortcuts: When your post is published, highlight the title in your browser/url bar, then click 'command' and 'C", that will copy your post as a link. Then in the 'your URL' box click your cursor, then 'command' and 'V', and that will paste your post link. Easy!

  2. Yeah Me! I did it! I posted a word of mouth and I did it first! Oh happy day!