Sunday, September 28, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- Piggy Roo

Today's Word of Mouth Monday is for anyone who has children or knows children.  Piggy Roo isn't your typical toy store.  Their toys are unique, high quality and  the prices can NOT be beat!  Their quality and the customer service is top notch.  I have been shopping with Piggy Roo for the last 4 years and everything I have ever bought has not only been tops in quality, but so much more original than a toy from Target. 
My most recent purchase was a set of these darling Dirty Dogs for a friend's 2 1/2 year old daughter.  The 4 dogs come with dirty spots and a wash cloth for scrubbing them "clean" in the water.  My 6 year old wanted me to open the package and let her play with them first.  Our friend's daughter was in the water with the dogs within minutes of opening it!  I noticed when I went to the site to steal snag these pictures that these are on SALE!!  (you can thank me later)
This next picture doesn't do these toys justice.  The boat has a hidden cabin and a spring board for diving.  Each toy comes with a person and the fact that this toy can be played with on land or in water makes it that much more appealing!  It was a total hit with our friend's daughter as well.  Check out the Safari Set, the Firetruck and the Pony Set it is no wonder they are some of the most popular toys on Piggy Roo.  They are sturdy, high quality and sure to hold up to any adventure your little ones put them through.
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  1. Piggy Roo is the cutest name ever for a toy store!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Kelly! You're the best.

  3. I did it! :) I got it posted in the MORNING! :) Yea!

    Keep it up girl! :) They're coming!
    ~Steph :)

  4. I'm tagging you.

  5. Great blog Kelly - and thanks for the new ideas on toys for my nieces and nephew!!

  6. Georgie--I agree, the name is darling. She used to be called Petite Tresor, but some stuffy snobby "over priced baby shit to the stars" called and threatened to sue her. I think she won out in the end as her name fits the cute quality toys she sells and that other one just sounds like a some stuffy LA bitch with injected lips and silicone boobs and "collectibles" that sit on a shelf and can't be played with.

    Linda- I can't believe you posted! Rock on!

    Steph- you are my WOMM rock!

    Headless- I don't even freakin KNOW 6 other bloggers to tag! Thanks for pointing out my severe unpopularity here in the Blogosphere!

    Beth- yep, girl, I hooked you UP!