Monday, October 13, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- - Books

Anyone else hate shoe shopping with children? "Where is your toe? Wiggle it? Is that it there? Does it feel like you have enough room? Well, is there TOO much room? Can you run? Let's see. Does that hurt?" All of these questions are met with indignant responses, "Yes, that's my toe! There is a little room. I can run! Watch me!" Zoom, Zoom, apologies in my head to the shoppers who have to dodge my speed demon in the new shoes. Get the damn shoes home and walking to school "They hurt my heel." "Tough you are wearing them." Tears, more tears, "But they hurt and I can't run." Losing it, "I SAW YOU RUN! You ran all over the store!"


So, Word of Mouth Monday is brought to you by another round of shoe shopping! It has nothing to do with shoes, but it DOES have to do with my FAV.OR.ITE subject....BOOKS, oh glorious books!! If I could I would work in a bookstore where the main task is to read the books. Huh? I'd have to actually work? Forget it, I'll just use this next service that is literally making my mouth water! I loved school simply because I got to get new books every semester!

You've all heard of Netflix right?  Well, BookSwim takes that same principle and apply it to books.  You choose your plan, 3, 5, 7 or 9 books at a time.  Keep them for as long as you like, send them back with FREE shipping and then get the next set from your "pool" list.  It gets even better!  Let's say you are a geek like me and you love business books and you end up highlighting the book, turning down pages, taking notes in the margin, well,  simply let BookSwim know and you can buy the book!  I love the try it before you buy it approach.

Is it just me or are you drooling right now?  Us geeks need to stick together.  It saves on gas, the shipping is free and really, could anything be better than a package on your porch with a new book just waiting for you?  The one thing I was worried about was that they might not have all the books I wanted, so I checked out my favorite authors, Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gittomer, Jack Canfield and it looked like they had most of their stuff. ( I warned you I'm a geek, but didn't warn you that sales and marketing and SUCCESS are my biggest interests.)

Mom and dad (who don't read my blog) and Aunt Sheri and Angie, doesn't this sound like something you could sink your teeth into?  How about the rest of you?

What book are YOU reading right now?  I'm reading How Starbucks Saved My Life.


  1. Awesome product!!

    What I am reading (in no particular order): "The Shack," "The Nanny Diaries" and Anne Rivers Siddons' newest one, "Off Season."

    Eclectic, no?


  2. I love this concept! I can not wait to check it out. We go through books like crazy and I'm a terrible library borrower...too many fines! Thanks Kelly!

  3. Sounds great-but I've got a shelf or 2 full of books that I've been meaning to read for about 10 years...A girl can dream, right?

  4. Hot damn! This is awesome... will go check it out the next time I get both kids napping at the same time. LOVE IT!

  5. Headless, maybe they are just not the "right" books at this moment. I tried to read "I Know This Much is True" by Wally Lamb after having a baby, and it took me literally 6 months. Too much at the wrong time! Anyway, good luck!

    I love this idea, thanks for sharing it!

  6. Em- I read the shack, wrote a post about it quite a while ago...cried myself dry, but really loved the book. Haven't had the energy to go back and read it again.

    meandmom- I hear ya on the fines! Our family has a whole wing named after it at our public library!! ;)

    Headless- I just read a few minutes in the morning before I get out of bed and a few minutes at night before I go to sleep. You'll be amazed how much reading you get done that way!

    TTT- :) Hope you find that quiet moment soon!

    Spy Mar- I agree, the right book with the right timing is crucial! Glad you liked it!

  7. Kelly - I'm gonna have to make a post about all your fun Word of Mouth Monday's, they are all so great! I think this one is really cool since I am not a "reader" (I need to get back on it)...gotta go check it out! :)